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Volumio Player Part 4

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The first thing needed is the Volumio image and an SD card. Head over to volumio.org/get-started/ and download the Raspberry Pi image.
Follow the Getting Started page to the "Prepare It" section. But, I won't be using an Ethernet cable to connect to Volumio as it says. Once the software is loaded on your microSD card, insert into the pi Zero and boot up.
On boot, Volumio will start a WiFi hotspot. This can take about 6-8 minutes, so be patient! You then connect to the hotspot from a WiFi enabled computer, tablet or phone. Once your device is connected to the hotspot, go to the volumio.local web page, as described in the "Connect to It" section, to complete set up. You can connect to your own LAN later on in the setup from the web page.

Initial Setup
Once you connect, Volumio will walk you through the remaining setup via a "first time wizard".
  • Select your Language.
  • Name your player.
  • Choose "pHAT DAC" from the pull-down list.
  • Set up your local WiFi Credentials.
  • Optionaly: Add your local music source/NAS.
  • Finished with the inital Setup.

Playback Options
The output device should already be set to pHAT DAC
  • DSD Playback Mode: DSD over PCM (DoP)
  • DSD Auto Volume level: Off
  • Volume Normalization: On
  • Audio Buffer Size: 8MB
  • Buffer Before Play: 10%
  • Persistant Queue: On

Volume Options
  • Mixer Type: Software
  • Mixer Control Name: Software Volume Control
  • Default Startup Volume: 30
  • Max Volume Level: 100
  • One Click Volume Steps: 2
  • Volume Curve Mode: Normal
  • MPD Clients Volume Control: Off

Audio Resampling
  • Audio Resampling: On
  • Target Bit Depth: 16
  • Target Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Resampling Algorithm Quality: Medium

Plugin Configuration
Volumio has optional 3rd-party tools, called plugins, that allow for more customization.
To install the NanoSound Plugin:
  • Click on the Settings (gear) in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose Plugins.
  • Choose Accessories/Search Plugins.
  • Click Install on NanoSound by Nanomesher.
  • It will take a while to install as it downloads additional requirements, be patient.
Most important: remember to Enable the plugin, Go to Plugins/Installed Plugins and set the switch ON.
  • In the Settings for the plugin select 1.3inch OLED

To enable an ssh connection on Volumio:
  • In your computer browser, enter: volumio.local/dev or the IP address you gave it when you configured the networking i.e
  • Click the enable button under SSH

You should now be setup to use Volumio to play your music.

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