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Volumio Player Part 1

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I wanted a small player that had it's own amplifier and speakers that could sit on the desk / shelf next to me whilst I work.
Having looked at Volumio in the past I thought I would revisit it and see what the latest version had to offer.
The latest version has support for web radio, and mounting an external share, which is ideal in my case as my MP3 collection is stored on a NAS

Having seen the Nanomesher Nanosound DAC and plugin for Volumio I wondered about making something similar.
N.B. The modifications shown later relates to the 1.5 version of the Nanomesher plugin.
As of the 5th of Feb 2019 they have released a new version 1.6 with a completely revised screen layout and code.

To keep it small and use less power and have it wireless I thought I'd go for the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Figuring that as I wanted it for background music I didn't need a powerful amplifier I found the Adafruit Stereo Bonnet  for the Raspberry Pi Zero, this is a 3W stereo amplifier that plugs straight onto the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Also the handy thing with the Speaker Bonnet is that it also exposes some of the Raspberry Pi header pins in an additional row of connectors.

There is also a Stereo Enclosed Speaker set that is the perfect accompaniment.

So that's the Amp and Speakers sorted.

The Display and Buttons

Whilst I was delving around in the Nanosound info I saw that it was using a 1.3" SH1106 uOLED display which has a 128 x 64 pixel resolution.
and those nice folks at Hobby Components stock them, they are configured to use the SPI interface, but a quick bit of soldering changes the interface to use I2C which is what we need.
I say a quick bit of soldering, on the module I recieved I had to move one 0 ohm resistor, as with most things nowadays it's surface mount, small and fiddley.

For the control buttons I decided to go with these Adafruit Colorful Round Tactile Button Switch Assortment.

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