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Power Switch Part 2

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Component list:

2 x 1K resistors
2 x 10K resistors
2 x 22k resistors
2 x 1N4001 diodes
2 x BC548 transistors
1 x 220 uF capacitor
1 x 5v SPDT relay (5V K6B05 OKO Series Relays SPDT, this is not mountable on 0.1" stripboard / breadboard as the pin spacing will not allow.)
1 x LED 3mm 3Vf
3 x switches
optional micro usb and standard usb connectors
breadboard / stripboard / custom PCB

All components have been sourced from either Hobby Components or BitsBox

Transistor pinout (flat face towards you):

Diode direction:

LED pinout:

(Need to do the breadboard build bits here)

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